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Antenna cables and RF pigtails

To transmit the network signal, as well as to bring it to specific devices, it’s necessary to equip a given building or room with special antennas and their entire wiring. Our store's offer includes numerous accessories and all the equipment needed to create full and reliable access to the Internet. RF Elements antenna cables and pigtails we offer come from a well-known and respected manufacturer. Matching a particular type of cable or other accessories directly affects the quality of a signal, network access and the comfort of using different devices. We offer various cable models as well as pigtails, which we strongly encourage you to watch.

Price with Tax ID: 3,07 USD

Price with Tax ID: 4,76 USD

Price with Tax ID: 5,07 USD

Price with Tax ID: 5,07 USD

RF Elements cables and pigtails – high quality at affordable price!

Offered antenna cables and pigtails are characterized by high quality and perfect parameters. Thanks to the wide range of this type of products, each of you can purchase appropriate wiring to meet all your needs. We have both standard and basic types of cables as well as fiber-optic cables. One of our hit products is RF ELEMENTS MMCX-MMCX-25, which comes from the well-known and respected company RF Elements. Modern technology and attention to detail are just a few of the advantages of this brand.

Our offer includes many elements such as RF Elements antenna cables and pigtails, as well as: