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When you want to create a wireless network with smooth data transmission, which performance cannot be compromised, you should take care of high standard components. You have to choose an appropriate router, access point, modem or antenna. In this category we present a wide range of antennas that will allow you to achieve the range you want. Different parameters will allow you to choose an antenna for home conditions as well as for work places.

The best antennas for wireless network

Using a wireless network has a slightly different character when we're supposed to use it at home, and when it is supposed to serve a large company or large workplaces. Although reliability and speed are the key to success in both cases, the tools to achieve it differ in terms of parameters. In our assortment you will find antennas that will create a flawless network in any situation. For home conditions you can choose Extralink antennas that will provide impressive signal strength or those designed by TP-LINK. In the case of more extensive infrastructure, you can reach for advanced antenna systems, which are produced by professionals from Ubiquiti Networks. This type of antennas is highly resistant to external factors.


Reliable data flow range

Our shop is a complete and diverse warehouse of equipment to ensure proper data transmission. Thanks to us you will create networks on any scale. We invite you to check our assortment.


Ubiquiti Networks – antennas

Nowadays, it's difficult to find a house where even one antenna isn't installed.  Popular "satellites" or WiFi routers are almost everywhere, but these most common devices're not very complicated. If you need high-end equipment, it's worth to reach for Ubiquiti Networks (UBNT) antennas. These're advanced antenna systems of high quality, which meet the needs of the most demanding users. In our shop you can buy Ubiquiti Networks antennas, which form a complete set as well as individual antenna elements. Antennas manufactured by UBNT are characterized by high resistance to changing weather conditions as well as very good work efficiency.


Wide range of Ubiquiti Networks WiFi antennas

Our company is the main distributor of Ubiquiti Networks brand in Europe. We have a very wide range of Ubiquiti Networks equipment, including popular antennas such as airMAX 5G16-120 or more rare and advanced antennas such as airMAX AM-5AC21-60. UBNT products're used to create small as well as more complex WiFi networks for small and medium enterprises. Ubiquiti antennas allow you to create an extensive network, providing optimal performance, ideally suited to the requirements of a specific building or office space.


Mikrotik antennas – Advanced technology and reliability

Thanks to our extensive experience, our company is able to offer Mikrotik antennas, which are not only efficient, but also have excellent parameters. They have a large operating range and are suitable for outdoor installation. Mikrotik, a well-known and respected brand, has positive feedback from customers who praise its greatest advantages, such as high quality products and advanced technology. In our offer you will find a mass of various Mikrotik antennas, including the top product MIKROTIK RB921GS-5HPACD-19S MANTBOX. All products of this brand have very good parameters and work well even in cases of intensive use of the Internet. Antennas from Mikrotik will meet the expectations of even the most demanding network users because they don’t cause shortages to Internet access.


High quality at an affordable price - Totolink antennas

Totolink antennas can be used both for wireless network adapters and wireless routers. These antennas are distinguished by low failure rate and excellent parameters. The flagship product of the brand is currently TOTOLINK A011 - omnidirectional antenna with very high gain. This device provides excellent network signal and is very easy to install. The network signal is very wide and undisturbed so that users can use the network comfortably. Totolink antennas are not only very efficient, but also available in our store at very affordable prices. Some of them do not require any configuration, which is a convenient solution. Totolink antennas meet the expectations and requirements of even the most demanding customers.


RF Elements antennas - high quality and modern technology

One of the recommended products that you can find in our shop are RF Elements antennas, which are characterized by excellent parameters and high level of technical advancement. An interesting proposal is for example RF ELEMENTS 60 DEGREE HORN SECTOR SH-TP 5-60, which has excellent performance and is equipped with modern technological solutions. If you're looking for an antenna that will be responsible for continuous and trouble-free signal transmission, and at the same time won't take much space, this flagship product of RF Elements will meet all your expectations.


High-quality antennas from TP-LINK

In our offer you'll find various antennas, which are associated with  Internet networks building. We have both antennas for indoor and outdoor use. Noteworthy are all TP-LINK products, because they're characterized by high quality and reliability as well as ease of use. The top product is TL-ANT2405C model, with 2.4 GHz frequency range. It's an example of omnidirectional antenna, which is very easy to install and has easy access to the network. TP-LINK antenna is an efficient and durable product which ensures high quality network signal. Its price is really attractive and affordable for every pocket.


Extralink antennas

In most homes, using the Internet is one of the daily activities. It's worth to take care of the best possible network coverage at home, regardless of the room in which the router is located. Extralink antennas provide adequate signal strength and stability. Thanks to them, the range of the Internet can be significantly increased. If you're interested in improving the quality of the Internet signal in your home or office, our offer is certainly addressed to you. We encourage you to check our range of very modern and innovative solutions for the Internet.


Internet signal stability and signal strength -
Extralink antenna for the most demanding customers

This small Extralink - EXSEC16-60 antenna of modern form and interesting design is a combination of modern technology and aesthetics. The offered product comes from the renowned brand. It's the highest quality equipment that will meet the expectations of various types of users. The equipment operates at 5 GHz. The range of the Internet thanks to the best antennas of this brand is sensational and that's why Extralink antennas are often used also in companies and offices. They're also ideal for home use.

The product is very easy to install and includes all the necessary parts. Every user will certainly be able to cope with it without any problems. It's made of durable materials that are resistant to many factors.

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