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Our team focuses on continuous development and professionalism. We're constantly expanding our knowledge and skills. It's extremely important to provide professional technical support for our customers.

A group of our specialists have successfully completed the Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Admin (UEWA) course, which confirms the knowledge of our Ubiquiti Unifi solutions at the expert level.


UEWA training allowed us to acquire the necessary knowledge, thanks to which our specialists are able to meet the ever-increasing expectations in the field of wireless networks.  We're well aware that the design and optimal configuration of WiFi networks based on the Unifi system involves many challenges. Our staff specializes in this field, mainly to help you with all the problems related to Ubiquiti Enterprise networks.

We're sure that thanks to proper planning and optimal configuration of access points from the Ubiquiti Unifi series and connection of the whole system with the controller (Ubiquiti Cloud Key, Ubiquiti Cloud Key Gen2), it's possible to create a very stable and extremely efficient wireless network structure.



Certyfikat UEWA Leszek

Certyfikat UEWA Jarek

Certyfikat UEWA Jarek Jelonek

Certyfikat UEWA Paweł

Certyfikat UEWA Adrian


Knowledge of the UniFi platform at an advanced level enables our specialists to conduct professional trainings for our clients. Soon we'll provide information related to the dates of training and the scope of terms that we'll move there.

Of course, our specialists are always eager for knowledge and still want to develop their skills, so we do not end with UEWA and soon we'll publish further successes of our team.