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Copper LAN cables

Nowadays, having a wireless network both at work and at home is kind of a standard. Thanks to it we can use the Internet in a freeway and with a large number of users. The challenge is rather to increase the efficiency and speed of data transfer. This situation is also possible thanks to the appropriate components of the network installation. One of the key elements is proper cabling. In this category you will find copper LAN cables from proven and reliable manufacturers.

Copper LAN cables for efficient network operation

When you decide to buy copper LAN cables, you have to take into account several issues. The first one is whether the cables are resistant to the harmful effects of external factors. Cables should have a high tolerance to deformation. This has a significant impact on the stability of the link. The next question is whether their structure eliminates the risk of interference. Equally important is the choice of shielding - FTP, UTP or S/FTP.

Copper LAN cables enable full data transmission. Thanks to them we can benefit from the advantages of the Internet. Copper LAN cables, which can be found at, guarantee a well-functioning network.


Extralink - copper LAN cables

Building a local computer network requires excellent quality cables that will last and perfectly conduct the signal. In our shop we offer excellent copper LAN cables for outdoor use, which are ideal for such a network. These cables are made of pure copper, and the cable itself is an aluminum shielded foil and has a grounding conductor.

If you want to create your own LAN network and you care about the best quality solutions, it's worth to check our offer concerning this manufacturer. The package also contains a self-developable roll, thanks to which there is no fear of cable tangling during the work. The cable is resistant to harsh weather conditions and various extreme temperatures.


Excellent signal quality and durability - Extralink copper LAN cables for individual and business customers

Robust and durable - CAT5E FTP (F/UTP) Extralink copper LAN cable is the best solution for creating home or office computer network. The manufacturer is a company that has been a market leader in LAN and other accessories for many years. It specializes in modern and innovative solutions. Also Extralink copper LAN cable is made in modern technology, thanks to which it's very resistant to mechanical damage, which can always happen in outdoor conditions, even during assembly works.

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Copper LAN cables - Ubiquiti Networks

The Internet network is a must-have for any company or household, but a few users are aware of how many smaller elements make up the effective and efficient delivery of the Internet to the end user. One of these elements are copper LAN cables from Ubiquiti Networks. We, as specialists in the subject, couldn't ignore their role and that's why we included them in our offer. Choosing our proposals, signed with an excellent brand of Ubiquiti Networks, you can be sure that this is the best possible decision.


Ubiquiti Networks kable miedziane LAN dla wymagających

Our LAN copper cables from Ubiquiti Networks , including the bestseller TOUGHCable PRO TCL1 CAT 5E TC-PRO, offer full resistance to weather conditions, even to heavy ones. Thanks to them, you don't have to worry about the fact that due to unfavourable weather conditions the Internet connection will be interrupted by a cable failure. With these proposals it's impossible. It's the highest class, because it's industrial - with extraordinary performance. High parameters of the submitted cables ensure even better link stability and speed of data reception. The overall cable performance will also be at a higher level - if you bet on one of our Ubiquiti Networks brand proposals. It's worth to mention hat we're the main European distributor of this brand. It's a safe and secure choice at a truly bargain price.

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