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Ubiquiti Networks – Customer-premises equipment (CPE, Bridge)

We’re proud to invite you to get acquainted with our offer concerning the latest generation of client devices (CPE, Bridge). They form high-class Ubiquiti Networks customer-premises equipment which is the best proof showing how good products you deal with. As the main distributor of Ubiquiti in Europe we can provide products at very good prices, but first of all, we encourage you to read the facts that will make you aware of why it’s worth to choose our Ubiquiti Networks customer-premises devices (CPE, Bridge).

Customer-premises equipment (CPE, Bridge) UBNT – high standard

The most important feature which distinguish our high-end client devices is that they have been adapted to the requirements of the urban environment and in this respect they’re  optimized, which means they’re more reliable. This allows for maximum resistance to interference, which is extremely important in today's increasingly crowded urban radio environment. There is no room for mediocrity. An ideal example of our high quality offer is the bestseller – ISOSTATION 5AC IS-5AC client device, which is also characterized by a modular construction. Moreover, interchangeability of the antennas allows for perfect beam shaping for specific needs. Thanks to this, the device is as efficient as possible – regardless of the necessary location or the environment itself. These’re very precise devices – we encourage you to get acquainted with the details.

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