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Client devices (CPE, Bridge)

Client devices are sets of devices that allow you to create point-to-point connections. They ensure reliable and fast data transmission. The information flow is safe and mobile within the range of the client device. The devices have been created in such a way that they cooperate with each other. Client devices and base stations have specific software, thanks to which it is possible to manage individual points.

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Professional client devices

In our offer you'll find a selection of antennas which, due to their technical specifications, enable point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication. They're also highly resistant to weather conditions. Antennas're irreplaceable as client devices. Thanks to them it's possible to increase the range over long distances. Antennas’re available with an integrated base module.


CPE devices with no limits

One of the most popular and effective base stations are those from Ubiquiti Networks, which are also in our offer. This is a new generation of client devices. The material specification enables the devices to maintain high performance even under difficult conditions. The devices in our offer have been created according to technology that ensures fast transmission speed. Thanks to them you'll create a high standard Internet network, whether at work or at home.


Ubiquiti Networks – client devices (CPE, Bridge)

We're proud to encourage you to check the latest generation of client devices (CPE, Bridge) in our offer. These are high quality Ubiquiti Networks client devices, which is the best proof of how good quality products you deal with. As their main distributor in Europe, we can provide you products at very good prices, but first of all we encourage you to check the facts, which will make you realize why it's worth to rely on our Ubiquiti Networks client devices (CPE, Bridge).


Client devices (CPE, Bridge) UBNT – high standard

The most important distinguishing feature of our high-end client devices is that they've been adapted to the requirements of the urban environment and they're optimized for this purpose, making them more reliable. This enables maximum immunity to interference, which is extremely important in today's increasingly crowded urban radio environment. There is no room for mediocrity here. An ideal example of our high quality offer is the bestseller - the ISOSTATION 5AC IS-5AC client device, which is also characterized by a modular design. The interchangeability of tube antennas enables perfect beam shaping for specific needs. In this way, the device will work as efficiently as possible - regardless of the necessary location or the environment itself. This is a very precise device - we encourage you to check the details.


TP - LINK Client devices (CPE, Bridge)

In order to obtain high quality network signal as well as trouble-free use of the Internet it's necessary to equip the entire system with special devices and accessories. In our offer we've prepared for you various solutions, which will give you the opportunity to create a high quality Internet network at work or at home. Client devices (CPE, Bridge) are available in many variants. Their properties allow you to use wireless networks in any place. Our offered products are proven and also present very high quality.


Client devices (CPE, Bridge) from TP-LINK - guarantee of reliability

Our shop offers a wide variety of devices that are used to create wired and wireless networks. TP - LINK client devices (CPE, Bridge) with very attractive price and parameters. Nowadays, the bestseller is TP-LINK CPE510. This device is used to create external wireless networks. Data transmission is possible over long distances,. The device itself is equipped with a very powerful antenna providing a strong signal. TP - LINK client devices (CPE, Bridge) are very popular due to their excellent parameters and high performance.


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