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Antenna enclosures

Each antenna transmitting Internet or other signal must have a special enclosure that will protect the device and enable its proper functioning. Both fiber optics and other installations require the use of efficient antennas and the right accessories. Our company's offer includes numerous enclosures for RF Elements antennas which are distinguished by high quality and great parameters. Thanks to such solutions, creating a hotspot is very simple and hassle free.

Enclosures for RF Elements antennas

The enclosures we offer are technologically and technically excellent, and reliable. In particular the RF ELEMENTS STATIONBOX INSPOT model is very interesting and it’s characterized by high aesthetics and simple assembly. Enclosures for RF Elements antennas are designed for indoor use and can be placed both on the wall and ceiling. What’s interesting it’s possible to mount two antennas inside the enclosure which allows for a very wide range of operation. In addition, Enclosures for RF Elements antennas provide the ability to connect additional devices to the antenna itself. It’s a very convenient solution, hence the proven antenna enclosures offered by us are very popular.

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