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Extralink – Fiber optic mounting accessories

Regardless of the specification of a specific telecommunication room (server room, administration room, commercial media connection, monitoring), the correct installation is an absolute basis. People looking for professional elements and assembly tools such as Extralink fiber optic mounting accessories i.e. extraction and assembly brackets can confidently take advantage of our product database, together with their comprehensive description. Brackets of this type are used not only in rack cabinets, but also in the installation of entire cable routes or fiber optic routes so their appropriate choice affects the subsequent use of the network by the final recipient and also translates into the quality of subsequent maintenance and servicing.

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Make it easier to service and maintain a network by the professional Extralink fiber optic mounting accessories

Routes of fiber optic cables or classic twisted pair cables, LAN cables and other telephone and energy routes must be predetermined, planned and designed in advance. Any shortcomings, and above all cheap and low-quality materials from which fiber optic mounting accessories were made, may disrupt the operation of all cables laid in the course. Extralink fiber optic mounting accessories are even more important in case of these fragments of cable routes that lead outside and are constantly exposed to dangerous and harmful external factors (low temperature, atmospheric precipitation, mechanical deformation).

Fiber optic mounting accessories, such as Extralink Optic Cable Mounting, from our offer guarantee high quality of all products. Check other interesting devices and accessories from the Extralink offer:

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