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Extralink – Fusion splicers

Extralink fusion splicers offered in our store are top-shelf devices - safe, innovative and very effective. Since the welding of optical fibers made with their help is the only effective solution that allows them to connect without unnecessary loss. Servicemen and companies performing fiber optic installations should certainly invest in the best equipment of this type. Different Extralink fusion optic splicers are available at our websites. Offered Extralink fusion splicers have very different parameters (also price), but their quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer's brand.

Price with Tax ID: 198,75 USD

Price with Tax ID: 3 622,97 USD

Price with Tax ID: 7 491,18 USD

Price with Tax ID: 116,65 USD

Price with Tax ID: 120,49 USD

Price with Tax ID: 2 622,72 USD

Price with Tax ID: 2 924,20 USD

Price with Tax ID: 3 133,05 USD

Price with Tax ID: 3 874,56 USD

Price with Tax ID: 4 336,83 USD

Price with Tax ID: 6 218,11 USD

Price with Tax ID: 6 940,24 USD

Extralink fusion splicer – tool for the most demanding professionals

The fiber optic welding process is to this day the most effective way to connect two optical fibers in the maximum and optimal way for data flow. However, devices of this type cost from 10,000 PLN up. Extralink fiber optic fusion splicer available in our offer has a very compact size, thanks to which it is mobile, very easy to carry and use. The large and legible LED display allows for the current analysis of fiber optic connection parameters and issuing commands to the fusion splicer. Gathered in our offer innovative Extralink fusion splicers are also resistant to all kinds of voltage drops that could completely damage whole welding effects. Moreover, they are naturally resistant to mechanical shocks.

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