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Extralink - LAN patchpanels

Organization of office or other company primary requires an arrangement of technical issues. If in the building dozens of computers are functioning and each of them is connected at least with the help of two cables, it can cause trouble. Extralink LAN patchpanel is a perfect solution that allows you to maintain organization in every server room. Not only can you organize your cables, but also mark the cables with the appropriate numbering to be able to quickly make changes, even in extensive networks.

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Organized cabling and convenient network architecture management - Extralink LAN patchpanel for very demanding customers

This small Extralink LAN patchpanel 24 PORT CAT5E FTP is designed for mounting in rack cabinets in server rooms. We offer you a high class assembly product that should be part of any structural network. First of all, it serves to organize this network and its layout. It increases the use and management of the network in a significant way, which translates into the effects of work. Extralink LAN patchpanels consist of corrosion-resistant metal sheet and plastic, which is very durable. The kit includes labels with plastic handles, so you can easily identify the right port. Patchpanel saves space and fits virtually any server rack.

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