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Extralink media converters

In cases of objects which are a little bit architecturally and structurally older, teletechnical links prepared for years (media - TV, Internet, telephone, intercom, CCTV) are problematic because today we need to meet higher and higher speed and stability requirements, especially when it comes to Internet connection. Both the final customer, i.e. a customer using a fixed fiber optic link provided by the operator as well as a company using fiber optic cables to operate their server rooms or monitoring recorders, expect the highest quality of service. Luckily, by choosing offered Extralink media converters, such as Extralink Sedir, you gain the opportunity to arrange new fiber optic routes also in places where the older infrastructure dominates.

Professional and functional Extralink media converter enables easy and quick configuration of the connection and its current diagnostics and management

Extralink media converters selected especially for you are innovative, modern and durable products with many features and benefits. The manufacturer, a valued brand of such fiber optic solutions, above all put a chance on multitasking - at a relatively low price you can purchase Extralink media converter with very wide possibilities. First of all, the models collected at our website are always equipped with a plug & play and RJ45 connectors making it very easy to configure them. A set of LED diodes provides detailed information on the technical condition of each of the operating ports.

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