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Mikrotik – mini PCI cards

If you’re looking for high quality mini PCI cards you have come to the right place because in our offer we have vry attractive models of such products. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can offer not only reliable, but above all, verified cards which are highly appreciated by many users. Their parameters are excellent, and technological solutions allow for trouble-free use of computers and networks.

Price with Tax ID: 48,17 USD

Price with Tax ID: 49,76 USD

Mikrotik mini PCI cards - fast data transfer

One of the best PCI cards on the market today are Mikrotik brand cards. That's why we couldn’t miss them in our offer. They ensure data transfer at a very high speed. The installation of Mikrotik mini PCI cards is trivial. Therefore, even people who do not have too much knowledge in this topic will be able to easily understand and perform this task. Our top product is currently MIKROTIK R11E-5HND which provides constant and fast data transfer between devices and network. It’s a fully wireless card that has been equipped with LED indicators showing the radio mode or connection status. The high performance of Mikrotik Mini PCI card is certainly its great asset and it goes hand in hand with low power consumption. We encourage you to check these noteworthy products because they come from reputable brands.

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