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Ubiquiti Networks - OLT

A fiber-optic terminal is a modern solution for telecommunications and internet service providers who want their fiber-optic providing system to be even more efficient and cost-effective. The reputable brand Ubiquiti Networks meets such high market requirements and our Ubiquiti Networks OLT is the best proof of it. Indeed, as the main distributor of the brand in Europe, we’re pleased to present this innovation within our product range. We encourage you to get acquainted with the details.

Ubiquiti Networks OLT – for our time

Our proposal is a very comprehensive solution, rich in numerous ports and solid links. At the same time, it’s very flexible one – even  in terms of power supply, making it very universal, versatile as well as modular. It's a way to manage Internet services, which is very advanced in action - but simple to use and easy to learn. It doesn’t use too much power – which is also a very economical option and a noteworthy long-term investment. The best example of this is our bestseller UF-OLT GPON GIGABIT PASSIVE OPTICAL NETWORK LINE TERMINAL. Regarding all technical questions about OLT and its operation, we encourage you warmly to contact us.

At the same time, we’re pleased to encourage you to get acquainted with other categories of our store where you also can find high-quality proposals from Ubiquiti Networks.

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