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Extralink OLT

The most OLT devices are designed from the very beginning in such a way as to not only meet the current needs of a building or a company, but also to anticipate possible future needs. Fortunately, currently produced, innovative Extralink OLTs, such as PREDATOR EPON OLT 1U 19'' 8X GIGABIT PON PORTS/ 8X GIGABIT UPLINK PORTS/ 8X SFP PORTS, are successfully suitable for subsequent modification and expansion, thanks to their modern features. Therefore, when you decide on a specific Extralink OLT from our offer you can take into account not only specific assembly and warranty features of the product, but also its price. Thanks to a wide range of products, it’s possible to reach for such signal branching devices, which won’t generate any losses in signal quality- which is decisive for fiber optics.

How not to lose on the quality of fiber optic connections using Extralink OLT

Extralink devices and accessories can be found not only in design and installation of fiber optic infrastructure. Undoubtedly this is the main segment of the brand's operation. It has an extensive experience in devices design and uses the best materials and modern solutions to create devices such as Extralink OLT. We offer a wide range of such devices and almost all are equipped with, for example, a unique redundant power supply. If you choose to assemble such a machine you can be sure that you made the right choice and you can enjoy the long-term flawless work of the optical fiber.

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