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Ubiquiti Networks

Even the best hardware requiring power is a useless junk, if we don’t equip it with appropriate, compatible Ubiquiti Networks power supplies. Fortunately, when it comes to power supplies Ubiquiti Networks brand (of which we’re the main distributor in Europe) approaches to this matter just as neatly as to any other device that it offers. Just look at the quality and parameters of our bestseller: INSTANT 802.3AF INDOOR GIGABIT. We also encourage you to get acquainted with the rest of our UBNT power supplies!

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Ubiquiti Networks power supply – and everything works!

Ubiquiti Networks power supplies and converters, which can be found in our assortment, are compliant with the highest standards and allow full compatibility. They’re also economical and efficient in terms of energy consumption which make them a really profitable investment. In our offer there’s no shortage in solutions ideally suited to access points and these that allow for longer cable connections. All this ensures much more efficient energy supply than in the case of conventional solutions proposed by the competition. Durability, quality of workmanship, resistance – these are additional advantages that distinguish our proposals. We encourage you to get acquainted with the individual products.

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