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Radomes for Ubiquiti antennas

We live in the 21st century – in a time when functionality must go hand in hand with aesthetics. This requirement hasn’t bypassed the technology industry. Fortunately, reputable brands such as Ubiquiti Networks understand well the relationship between appearance and practical use of all kinds of equipment. It isn’t different when it comes to Radomes for Ubiquiti Networks antennas – an essential accessory that allows you to be sure that installed devices remain safe.

Ubiquiti Networks radomes for antennas – solid solution

On the example of our bestseller among antenna covers i.e. NBE RADOME 400 POWERBEAM, we can explain what’s the phenomenon of high-end UBNT equipment. First of all, although it’s an optional accessory – it's so useful and so well-built that hardly anyone refuses to buy it. Thanks to it, wind loading is no problem – it doesn’t disturb the signal, allowing for trouble-free use of the equipment. In the same way, the antenna surface itself is protected at a very high level – the manufacturer thought about such a cover design to be resistant even to the most difficult weather conditions. If you are aesthetes, it’s worth to mention that thanks to the radomes we offer, antenna equipment is effectively hidden from the public view – which is a great asset. We encourage you to get acquainted with details of the offer!

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